Teapolyphenols Facail Mask

The healthy skin is always having a perfect balance between oil and water and is always shining brightly. How to build up a perfect and healthy facial skin? TeaDict. team take care your skin more than you think. So, we develop a series of facial masks.

Oil & Water Balancing

Teapolyphenols Facial Mask
can sooth and hydrate facial skin immediately. Natural ingredients have excellent effect of anti-oxidation that can promote skin health and light up facial skin.

  • Main Ingredients: Cucumber Extract;Collagen;Aloe Extract;Tornare®*Glycosyl Trehalose;Tea Polyphenols
  • Functions:Cleaning  /  Tightening  / Whitening  /  Hydrating
  • Effects:Tea-Polyphenols extracts and Hyaluronic Acid provide skin more flexibility. Nature ingredients help skin against of aging problem meanwhile hydrate and sooth facial skin as well.
  • Cares:Combination of nature ingredients provide nutrition for skin and prevent future skin problems.
  • By tested: Oil-free    Alcohol-free     Non-comedogenic     Non-sticky
  • Specifications:  30 ml per piece / 3 pieces per box
  • Skin Type: For all skin types
  • Japanese Plush mask, tender and comfortable in facial skin.