Moisturizing & Antioxidant Silk Facial Mask

TeaDict. Silk Facial Mask can fit for your face perfectly. Because of the excellent extension and flexibility of this silk facial mask, you even don’t feel it on your face when you apply it on!

Silk FiberPerfect Fit


Moisturizing & Antioxidant Silk Facial Mask

provides a natural way to regenerate and to protect your skin’s appearance. It can promote your skin healthier to fight against damage from bad environment factors.

Moisturizing & Antioxidant

  • Main Ingredients: Panax Ginseng Root Extract; Tilia Cordata Wood Extract; Calcium Pantothenate; Hyaluronic Acid
  • Functions:Moisturizing  /  Brightening  /   Antioxidant
  • Benefits:Anti Aging  /  Heals  /  Protects
  • By tested: Oil-free  /  Alcohol-free  /  Non-comedogenic  /  Non-sticky
  • Specification:26 ml / Piece  ;   3 pieces / Box
  • Skin type:Normal Skin