Milk & Rose Facial Mask

The healthy skin is always having a perfect balance between oil and water and is always shining brightly. How to build up a perfect and healthy facial skin? TeaDict. team take care your skin more than you think. So, we develop a series of facial masks.

Oil & Water Balancing

Milk & Rose Facial Mask is designed to hydrate and to sooth facial skin. Natural ingredients help skin against of damage skin occurred.

Milk & Rose

  • Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid;Collagen;Milk;Rose E.O.
  • Functions:Moisturizing  /  Whitening
  • Benefits:Introducing our special formula, simple and pure ingredients, can be absorbed by skin instantly. It helps strengthen the skin’s natural water and oil balance.
  • By tested: Oil-free   /   Alcohol-free   /   Non-comedogenic
  • By SGS tested:No heavy metal detected. (Hg;As;Pb)
  • Specifications: 25 ml per piece  /  3 pieces per box