Jasmine High Mountain Tea

TeaDict. Flower Herbal Teas include natural flowers, herbs, and world-famous fine selected Taiwan High Mountain Tea.

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High quality tea depends greatly on the soil and weather conditions in which it is grown. Our High Mountain Tea is grown on mountain slopes from 1,000 to 1,500 meters, and fog and clouds cover this area in the morning and afternoon. The climate is spring-like all year around. Due to the vast difference between day and night temperatures, the high level of humidity, and the thick fog, the flavor of High Mountain Tea is sweet and pure; the color of the tea is golden.


Jasmine High Mountain Tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine High Mountain Tea can help eliminate discomfort and sluggishness from overeating, this is an excellent afternoon tea.

Jasmine can sooth irritation and eliminate discomfort from overeating. Traditionally, Jasmine has been used to release tension and pressure. Citrus reticulata is used in soothing coughs, as well as easing indigestion and flatulence. Licorice can assist in the delivery of nutrients from food, and can promote mental clarity and concentration.

Natural Ingredients: Jasmine, Citrus Reticulata, Licorice, Fine selected Taiwan High Mountain Tea.

Contents:2.8 ±0.1 g / bag ; 30 bags / box

This is very special tea and different from any other teas on the market, please follow drinking directions before drinking.

Drinking Directions:
1. Place one tea bag in a thermos filled with boiling water (the temperature of the hot water should be above 95°C.) One tea bag is fit for the volume of 1 litter container. If larger, please add more tea bags to the container.
2. Allow the tea bag to steep for 5 to 10 minutes. This way you will be able to enjoy the best flavorful tea.
3. The tea bag can remain in the container. The longer the tea is steeped, the better (stronger) the resulting flavor. This specially designed tea bag prevents the bitter tasted associated with some other teas on the market.
4. Repeat the step 1 to step 3, while the rest of the tea in the thermos is less than the volume of 1/4.
5. Each tea bag can produce about 2 to 3 litter of tea. (Each tea bag can brew about 2 to 3 times.) Depend on the variety of personal tasty.