TeaDict. Cherry Blossoms Callus Removal Foot Pack can make your feet skin noticeable softer and smoother, just like baby’s feet!

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Callus (Dead Skin) Peeling Off

  • Callus Removal Foot PackFunctions:Callus Removal / Softening / Moisturizing
  • Benefits:Special formula, tender to your feet. Easily to remove out callus on your feet and keep your feet skin softer and smoother.
  • By Tested:Salicylic Acid-free        Alpha Hydroxy Acid-free         PH 3.5

Foot Pack With Patent:   

China Patent Number 970951
Taiwan Patent Number M306855
Japan Patent Number 3171019

Main Ingredients:
Collagen ; Prunus Yedoensis Extract ; Aloe Extract ; Milk Protein ; Lactic acid , etc.
Specifications:50 ml / pair   ;   2 pairs / box
Skin Type:  For normal skin

Using Directions:
1. Use after feet cleansing.
2. Cut off the seal of foot pack along the dash line and put on each foot.
3. Tear off the sticker inside the foot pack and stick tightly two sides. If necessary, put on socks for moving purpose and wear tightly.
4. Wear foot pack after 90 to 120 minutes and remove.
5. Wash and dry feet after using foot pack.
6. Callus will start to peel off from foot 3 to 5 days later after using foot pack.
7. Use once a month or longer.


Caution: Skin with wound or cut, please do not use this product.